Thassos island: A green gem in the North Aegean

Turquoise-watered beaches, cosy mountain villages and golden olive oil and honey… So many reasons to visit Greece’s northernmost island. And that’s just the start. An island of intense greenery and exotic beaches, Thassos is a gem in the North Aegean awaiting discovery. Just 21 nautical miles away from our base in Kavala, Thassos it can easily be explored with a sailing yacht. The winds in the area are not so strong, there are not Meltemi winds here in contrast with the southern Aegean Sea. Most of the locations are not very busy even in summer months! However there is a modern sailing infrastructure and It is really easy to find a berth in most ports, but you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to stay overnight off shore at the bay of Aliki or Porto Vathi.

Bonus: Hiking to Mount Ypsarion is a popular tourist activity. The Paths are well-marked to facilitate a relaxing journey to the mountaintop. Mountain biking and running are also part of the active holidays on Thassos around Mount Ypsarion.

Prepare your Instagram feed for eye-watering beauty, Giola lagoon. You’ve made it to No.1 and also won the award for most Instagrammable spot on Thassos. The locals call it Aphrodite’s Tear and it is without question eye-wateringly beautiful. A natural pool, carved into the rock by the sea, its water never fails to offer beautiful contrasts. The experience is magical. This is Thassos at its natural best.

Thassos also named as the island of the Sirens, the choices are as many as the colors. The blue of the sea, the green of the pines, the golden of the sand, the blue of the sky make it one of the best choices for your summer vacation. And best of all, those colours become are even more intense in May-June and September, when the experience becomes even more intimate.