<p class="left">A verdant splash upon an expanse of blue: as traditional as it is intensely beautiful, Thassos will enthral you.</p> <p class="left">Thassos, the island of the Sirens, offers you as many options as there are colours in the blues of its sea and sky, the greens of its trees and the golden hues of its sandy beaches. On this island in the North Aegean, you will enjoy excellent hotels, sample local delicacies in the villages, hike the trails and seek out the island’s secrets. If you are a nature lover, into water sports, or just want a taste of delicious simplicity, Thassos is your ideal emerald escape.</p>


<p>This mountainous island in the North Aegean entrances you with its mystical aura: waterfalls, wild natural beauty, ancient history and intriguing rituals. </p> <p>From the challenging mountain trails of Mount Saos or Fengari (the highest peak in the Aegean) to secret waterfalls and the living traditions of the Hora (the main town) … the energy of this island will sweep you off your feet, sometimes quite literally when the wind picks up. And when this island-mountain of the Northern Aegean is bathed in moonlight, enigmatic ancient riddles will come alive before your eyes.</p>


<p class="left">Mountain or seaside? Beach bar or secret cove? Traditional villages or luxury resorts? Halkidiki, in northern Greece, caters to every taste.</p> <p class="left">Turquoise water, dense pine forests, dreamy hotels, small coves with fish tavernas and cafes, beach bars, archaeological sites, traditional villages, and the famous Petralona Cave in Kassandra: a microcosm of miracles. Made to be explored with all your senses.</p>


<p>Castles, a 5,000-year-old city, stone villages, impressive attractions and indescribably delicious local food and wine</p> <p>In the days when people got sick and no suitable medicine could be found, there was an island in the North Aegean that promised hope and healing. Just a small handful of the miraculous volcanic soil of Lemnos would – it was said – do the trick and banish the malady.</p> <p>Today, this very island retains its healing qualities in another sense. Though well off the beaten track, its friendly inhabitants, serene, open landscapes and golden sand dunes offer balm to body and soul. And as if these were not enough, there are unusual archaeological sites, romantic castles and scrumptious local products. Among them are the abundant, affordable fish and seafood dishes, wonderful wines, honey, cheese and pasta from the land that used to be one of the breadbaskets and vineyards of ancient Greece.</p>


<p class="left">In the heart of Greece, Thessaly, with its exhilarating nature, and the Sporades, the beautiful lush green islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, will seduce you, prepare for a wonderful journey through the heartland of Greece.</p>