About Us


Sailing with style!

Our passion for the sea, sailing, and travel drove us to join forces and create Salty Breeze MCPY. The company’s goal is to lift off the exciting sailing trip to a unique experience accessible to the whole world.

Our vision is to embrace experienced and demanding sailors and people who want to get in touch with the magical world of sailing and cruising with a sailboat.

Salty Breeze provides the most ecological way of recreation, with absolute environmental awareness, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate blue without compromising your travel. Cruise in the unforgettable with a completely different and alternative way of recreation.

Explore the beaches and crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea islands with our luxurious sailboat.

Experienced Team

Our crew consists of experienced professionals who will ensure your trip runs smoothly and safely.

Our cabin has everything you might need to comfortably sail the amazing Aegean Sea in style.

Enjoy our crew's excellent choices and live an experience you will remember for many years.



The port of Kavala was chosen as the basis of our activities, which did not happen by chance. It is one of the oldest ports in the North Aegean, with history and essential geographical location from antiquity to the present day.

The port provides easy access to islands and coasts of the North Aegean (Thassos 12 nm, Samothrace 55 nm, Lemnos 70 nm, Athos-Chalkidiki 40nm, Sporades 120nm).

Today it is considered one of the safest ports in Greece, protected from challenging weather conditions in summer, without intense mobility, providing services similar to the cosmopolitan ports. Finally, this port was chosen due to its strategic location in the NE Aegean.

Advantages of our Base:

The base is just 2km from Egnatia Odos and 30km from Kavala airport.

It is possible to load and unload your items right in front of the boat where you will travel.

Free-guarded parking for your vehicle.

Free electricity and water supply.

There are nearby mini-markets, cafes, restaurants, and ATMs.


Yacht Charter Destination

Choosing a location in Greece for a luxury yacht charter will leave you utterly spoilt for choice. However, the Aegean sea simply cannot be beaten for the most spectacular food, fascinating history, and the most varied and dramatic scenery. There is something to suit all tastes and interests, from local culture and history, to watersports and fine dining; from relaxed beach-hopping into golden sands flanked by olive and pine trees to vibrant nightlife and boutique designer shopping.

Enjoy a long lunch with a carafe of white wine in a waterside taverna, then hop back on board your luxury yacht to cruise to the next beach for a refreshing dip in a deserted bay. With many bays being inaccessible by road or footpath, you may be the only visitors to some of the prettiest anchorages, making it easy to find your own exclusive and private spot to enjoy.